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About Cadence Supply Company

Cadence Supply Company is a U.S. based industrial products distributor offering an impressive array of industrial products for all of your MRO and production requirements. Our company was founded on the simple principle of providing industry with products that are ready to use in their applications. Whether our customers need custom die cut parts and materials or standard off the shelf items, our single-minded focus is shipping those products to our customers quickly, minimizing their downtime and production outages.

You know who we are……
Our management team has extensive experience in all facets of industrial product distribution. If you've ever ordered from the largest and most respected industrial supply catalog houses, you've been exposed to our management teams product management prowess. For more than a decade, our management team helped one of the most successful industrial supply catalog distributors, assemble a Power Transmission and Raw Materials product offering that is the envy of industry.  When the largest internet based retailer in the world decided to venture into the industrial supply business, our management teams expertise was called upon to help them decide which products to carry and which suppliers to align themselves with. Our management teams experience before becoming involved in the world of industrial product distribution involved helping fortune 500 companies streamline their operations. We have helped some of the largest companies in the world to streamline their distribution operations by designing and implementing everything from automated storage and retrieval systems to designing unique racking and shelving modules that allow companies to quickly get their products to market. We've been the people behind the big names for more than 20 years and today, we bring this abundance of operations experience and product knowledge directly to you, unfiltered and devoid of red tape.

We search high and low...
Because problem solving industrial products are our passion, our focus is to offer you the most useful, durable, and versatile products as they become commercially available.  We don't just sit around and wait for our suppliers to bring product suggestions to us, instead we work closely with our suppliers so that we gain an intimate knowledge of their products and capabilities, so that we can, in turn, offer you the products that offer the most utility.  We also provide our suppliers with creative product ideas to develop for industry based on our own research and ideas, so, don't be surprised when you find a product on our website you can't find anyplace else.  In addition to the typical trade shows that showcase industrial products, we attend trade shows geared toward amusement parks, aerospace, marine, woodworking, and many other industries, all in the quest of building upon our product offering to you.  These are some of the activities that allow us to offer you the broadest selection of problem solving solutions that your operations require.

Our pledge to you……
We don't have a global sourcing department or global sourcing initiatives. Instead, we offer you the highest quality products, from the world's leading manufacturers, at the most competitive prices found anywhere. We don't just offer the most popular sizes either, instead, we offer the most common products, as well as the unique products that expand the utility of our product offering and give you more options when you are looking to solve your problems. 99% of what we offer is in stock and ships the same day upon receipt of your order.

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